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petak, prosinac 27, 2013
Celtic Casino Review


If you are looking for a different gambling experience, Celtic Casino is where you should be, because this casino is one of the most progressive in the world, and stands distinct from the other casinos that offer normal gaming to their clients. Dealing personally with the charming live dealers at the casino and enjoying both the experience and the ambiance, helps you to feel the atmosphere of a brick and mortar casino from the comforts of your home.

This casino belongs to Visionary Gaming S.A., in Costa Rica. Earthsky Limited, incorporated in Nicosia in Cyprus, handles all financial transactions worldwide. Celtic Casino, a member of the online gaming group including Lucky Live Casino, has in its jurisdiction, the USA and its territories and Costa Rica. They have a high level of transparency in their operations that encourage their fans to believe that they stand a fair chance of hitting the jackpot with only Lady Luck by their side.

Graphics and software

Today, live casinos are truly the order of the day, and their popularity is going up rapidly, because more people are now getting exposure to live gaming at Celtic Casino, where Visionary Gaming supports their excellence at live gaming with extraordinary software with high video, audio and graphic features. Additionally, the casinos can integrate this software into their existing online dealer games without any hassles, and consequently, its reputation in the live gaming world is doing well and its unlimited potential is heading for success.

The live interaction facility with the dealers in Celtic Casino places them on par with the best in Las Vegas, Macao and Bali Live dealer games in Celtic Casino From the year 2008, the visionary gaming software has backed Celtic Casino to offer their players the pleasure of playing Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette, online with the facile option to play these games in a true live casino background. The early payout version 2 of live Blackjack is steadily growing popular. New online 3D slot machines are adding to the sparkle of the casino. The attractive live dealers, are not only proficient at dealing, but can handle any complicated situation with ease.

Celtic has newly introduced an amended version of the Irish Roulette for live gaming and if reports are true, Poker will follow into their stables soon.

Bonuses and Promotions

An extraordinary modern casino on the International Internet radar, Celtic Casino has several attractive and mind- blowing bonus schemes. They have set new world standards in bonuses in the live dealer gaming circuit, with their amazing offer of a 100% up to a bonus of $ 100 for your initial deposit, with a 50% cash back bonus on any deposit made in the first week of play, on your first deposit. Their option for reimbursement of up to $ 100 without a betting commitment seems to surpass a sign up bonus advantage. One must not forget their attractive referral bonuses either.

Deposits, Withdrawals, and payment security

For the protection of their players, Celtic Casino offers fully secure, fast and simple systems of deposits and withdrawals using the internationally accepted debit and credit cards, and, MasterCard, Moneybookers, PaySafeCard, ClickandBuy, NETeller, Visa Electron and ECO Card. The 3D secure system using a master/visa PIN protection, ensures payment Security when using your debit/credit cards online.

Customer Support

The 24x7-support team does an enviable job of keeping customers happy by providing instantaneous solutions to problems, however tough they are. You can access their customer support either through their email or through their Skype address, CelticCasino. Conclusion Celtic Casino is now at the highest rung of the ladder of online live casinos, and is striving harder every day for improvement to satisfy their client expectations.

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subota, prosinac 14, 2013
I love Texas Hold 'em.

Texas Hold'em is in essence a high card game. The higher your hole cards, the better your chances of winning the hand. As more community cards become available, the odds will change, but if you're dealt two high cards, you should certainly buy-in to the flop if nobody has made any big raises.

As a general rule, at the pre-flop stage only play your stronger hands that give you an opportunity to raise/re-raise from an early betting position. Play a medium strength hand or another playable hand if you have a decent chance of seeing the flop at a reasonable betting price. Do not get caught entering a hand and seeing it to the flop if your hand is weak and the betting has gone array.

Best Online Poker

Poker is as much about playing the game as it is about playing the player. If your opponent is playing very timidly and tightly, take advantage of that by stealing blinds, playing aggressively when the position is to your advantage. When you are dealt strong hands, take all the raises you can get. Try not to let the cat out of the bag too early, let players bet into you. Remember that if there are several players around the table, a small pre-flop bet that is called by everyone at the table amounts to a decent little pot if you scoop the hand and is very little commitment on your part.

However, depending on your position and the strength of your hand, playing aggressively from the start can be to your advantage. Placing large bets and forcing players with weaker hands to fold will increase your chances of winning the pot. This aggressive play will also add credibility to any strong play you make after the flop, so even if your hand is not the nut hand, your strong consistent play may give you an opportunity to steal the hand. Just remember, if people are betting strongly against you, only follow if you have a very good chance of winning the hand. Pay close attention to the flop, make sure you are aware of all the possibilities, and be prepared to fold your pair of Aces if there's too much action or too many possible big hands with the community cards.


Be wary of straights and flushes. If there are possibilities on the board, remember that you are not the only one who may have that straight or flush. For example if there are 4 diamonds on the table and you have a diamond, don't be too hasty to bet large amounts unless your diamond is a high one. If a 7, 8, 9, 10 flops and you are holding a 6, you may well have the weakest straight so don't be too eager to bet if there is too much action.

Unconnected medium and low cards are usually unplayable. Do not make a habit of attempting to make a miracle out of low unconnected value cards. Fishing for these types of hands is going to cost you more money than you will win, in the long run.

Play low pairs very cautiously. Pairs of 6's down to 2's are not necessarily a strong hand without a third card of equal value. If you don't flop a third card for three of a kind, the smart option would be to fold.

Rake Races

Play aggressively when you have a two way draw after the flop. If you can make a straight AND a flush or three of a kind, it's wise to bet/raise your hand.

Always be aware of all possible hands with the community cards available. If you have the highest pair on the table but a straight or flush looks likely, don't get too attached to your hand. The number one rule in Poker is knowing when to fold.

Remember that you can also use this to your advantage - if a straight or flush looks likely and you feel confident none of your opponents have the hand, that may be a good pot-stealing opportunity. Position is everything in a situation like that - you want to be the last to play your hand.

Be cognisant of the raisers chips.

Players that are close to all-in often rush the betting just to get all their chips in a last chance all or nothing hand. It is good to be caught bluffing every so often. It is a calculated way to throw your opponents off guard and will ensure that your play is unpredictable. If your bluff works, you win a pot you don't deserve; if it doesn't work, you lose a few chips but it will get you calls from weaker hands at some point when you have a strong hand and need other players to give you action.

From time to time I will show my cards if I pull off an outrageous bluff; it will certainly get players riled up and throw them off their game. Study your opponents when you are not playing hands and can pay very close attention to their habits. Ask yourself whether they find more hands to play than they fold? Do they bluff? Can they be bluffed/timid style of play? You can always make notes about a player within the InterPoker software if you discover a certain trend that may be useful to you should you come up against that player again in the future.

Play InterPoker now!

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Their success is based on the passion they have for serving they players for over a decade.


Play2WinCasino is a top-notch online casino operating in the gaming industry, regulated by the Netherlands Antilles and licensed by the Curacao Government. It is managed by a group of online gaming experts, CR Ltd, and all our operations are supervised by the Director of Offshore Gaming.

Their success is based on the passion for serving players for over a decade. They have come up with a creative new concept in online gaming and continuously strive to provide  players with a great online gambling community. They show amazing commitment to their members, so they provide them with regulations that will secure their safety online, which actually turns us into a first-rate online gaming entity.


Innovation and creativity are their really misson. Therefore, at Play2win online casino they always look forward to having the latest technology available. Their site is powered by a top-quality software company, called Rival, unmatched in the casino industry. Rival ensures Play2Win Casino the best encryption technology, firewalls and protocols, which help us provide our players with unrivaled security procedures. Their top priority is that players feel satisfied and happy when gambling on this amazing site.They have the best Support Service staff in the gaming industry: they will solve any queries you might come up with and have the know-how to handle all kinds of situations. Play2winCasino will make your gaming experience the best ever; you will absolutely enjoy it to the full!

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petak, prosinac 13, 2013
Euro Palace Online Casino review

Top reasons you should be signing up and playing at Euro Palace: Quick registration process, top security and privacy measures in place, respected banking merchants, 24/7 support in multiple languages, over 500 games to play like slots and roulette.

Enjoy superior casino entertainment

Euro Palace offers a world of exclusive entertainment and winnings, as you enjoy a wide selection of casino games and ongoing promotions. Euro Palace is a member of the award-winning Fortune Lounge group of Online Casinos, which has a reputation for security and integrity that inspires trust. Quality casino games You’ll always be entertained at Euro Palace Online Casino, with over 500 quality casino games to enjoy in the form of slots, video poker, blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat. There are also progressive casino games on offer that give you the opportunity to win a life-changing jackpot and to be seen on the casino’s Winners Wall.

Casino promotions and rewards

All new players at Euro Palace Online Casino receive a generous $/£/€500 welcome package, so right from the start, you’re winning. Players are also invited to take part in sensational tournaments as well as promotions that occur on a weekly basis.

Trusted casino

Euro Palace casino software is driven by Microgaming, which is the world-leader in online gaming software and certified virus-free. As a licensed and regulated online casino, all transactions at Euro Palace are completely protected with the same digital encryption technology that banks use to secure people’s money and personal details.


New Player Promotion

As a new, Real Money player at Euro Palace online casino you have access to the $/£/€500 in New Player Welcome Bonuses.

How it works:

When you make your first deposit you will receive a 100% deposit match bonus of up to $/£/€150 free

When you make your second deposit you will receive a 50% deposit match bonus of up to $/£/€350 free

High roller bonus If you think you are a high roller, we have something special for you!

With deposits of $/€/£1,000 or more, your casino account will automatically be credited with $/€/£1,500 free!

How it works:

Sign up and make your first deposit of $/€/£1,000 or more and play with $/€/£2,500

Make your second deposit and we will match it 50%, up to $/£/€350 free Make your first deposit as a high roller and step on to the road to becoming a VIP!

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Royal Vegas Online Casino brings you a world of exclusive casino entertainment with a massive selection of casino games and ongoing casino promotions. Royal Vegas is part of the award-winning Fortune Lounge group of online casinos, with a reputation that inspires trust.

Sensational casino games

Take your pick from more than 500 casino games including favourites such as online slots, online blackjack, video poker, roulette, craps, and baccarat. Play progressive casino games for a chance to win a life-changing jackpot and see your name on the casino winners wall.

Royal Vegas Casino bonuses and promotions

New players at  amazing Royal Vegas Online Casino enjoy a casino welcome bonus so that the winning starts right away. As a player at Royal Vegas you will be invited to take part in exciting weekly promotions and tournaments. Keep your eye out for exclusive offers and earn Rewards points as you play.

Trust and security

Royal Vegas casino software is powered by the world-leader in online gaming software development, Microgaming, and is certified virus-free. Royal Vegas is a licensed and regulated online casino and all online transactions are protected with same digital encryption technology used by banks to secure your money and personal details.

1200 FREE New Player Promotion

As a new, Real Money player at Royal Vegas online casino you have access to the $/£/€1200 New Player Welcome Bonus. How it works: When you make your first deposit you will receive a 100% deposit match bonus of up to $/£/€250 free When you make your second deposit you will receive a 25% deposit match bonus of up to $/£/€200 free On your third deposit you will get a 50% deposit match bonus getting up to $/£/€750 free Enjoy at amazing Royal Vegas Online Casino

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The live casino gaming niche has seen explosive growth for gaming affiliates. Offering live dealers to your players has seen increased player retention, conversion, and most importantly player satisfaction. The real live dealer casino environment enriches the experience and offers players the most authentic live gaming experience possible.

Real dealers via real time video is no longer a promise of a better online gaming experience, but it is now a reality. is the only casino affiliate program that features only live dealer casinos that are highly trusted and are proven to be the most profitable in the live casino niche.


Earn Life Time Commissions From Your Referred Players offers one of the most lucrative commission plans for live dealer casino affiliates. The broad range of live games and current competitive compensation plans earn new and veteran affiliates a like an enormous revenue potential. The two programs offered at offer a pure revenue share based on the net revenue. The net revenue is defined as the absolute revenue generated by your players less bonuses and charge backs. There are no hidden fees or deductions from your affiliate commissions.

LiveCasinoPartners offers a no negative carry over policy (with high roller clause) that makes sure that your commissions are always positive. Check out the commission rates below for each of the featured brands.

Revenue Share offers a very competitive commission structure that consists of 3 tiers. You can earn revenue not only on your referred players, but other affiliates and the affiliates they recruit as well. That's 3 tiers of life-time earnings.

LuckyLiveCasino offers the following Net Revenue percentage compensation:

Lucky Live Casino

Lucky Live Casino offers affiliates a First Tier Revenue Share of 30% Up to an unlimited amount. Second Tier earning of 5% all net revenue generated by all referred affiliates.

Celtic Casino

Celtic Casino offers affiliates a First Tier Revenue Share of 30% Up to an unlimited amount. Second Tier earning of 5% all net revenue generated by all referred affiliates.

Fairway Casino

Fairway Casino offers affiliates a First Tier Revenue Share of 33% Up to an unlimited amount. Second Tier earning of 5% all net revenue generated by all referred affiliates.

1 Live Casino

1 Live Casino offers affiliates a First Tier Revenue Share of 33% Up to an unlimited amount. Second Tier earning of 5% all net revenue generated by all referred affiliates.

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srijeda, prosinac 11, 2013

Enjoy the Ashes with bet365

England and Australia go head-to-head in the third Test of this explosive Ashes series on Friday. Following two fiercely contested tests, neither side will be willing to give any ground in Perth as the teams clash on the WACA’s notoriously fast wicket. To add to the excitement, you can take advantage of bet365’s superb Open Account Offer. Claim a 100% bonus on your first deposit and bet on the sports and markets of your choice. That’s not all, you’ll be able to bet as the action unfolds with bet365’s industry leading In-Play service. Markets including Top Batsman, Next Man Out and Next Over Runs will be available throughout the Ashes. With a wide range of pre-match and In-Play markets, great offers and a Live Streaming service covering over 50,000 events each year, bet365 is the number one place for all your Sports betting.

About bet365

bet365 is one of the world’s largest online gambling groups with over 10 million customers worldwide. bet365 offers a Sports Betting experience that’s unrivalled. The Group employs over 2,000 people and is one of the UK’s largest private companies. At the iGaming Business Affiliate Awards 2013, bet365 won Best Overall Affiliate Programme for the fourth year running and secured the title of Best Overall Affiliate Manager, following on from similar success at both the 2011 and 2012 ceremonies. bet365 was named In-Play Sports Operator of the Year for the second year in succession at the 2012 eGaming Review Awards. In the eGaming Review’s Annual Power 50 for 2013, bet365 secured top spot for the fourth year running.


Get hundreds of Free Spins on Casino at bet365’s marvellous Marvel slot games

There are only five more chances left to take part in Casino at bet365’s Marvel Free Spins Frenzy this month. You can get a total of 100 Free Spins – on the superb Iron Man 3, Spider-Man, The Avengers and Wolverine – every day Marvel Free Spins Frenzy takes place. With 25 Free Spins available on each game, make the most of some fantastic superhero action in the Casino at bet365 on 17th, 20th, 24th, 27th and 31st December.

Simply deposit/transfer £50 or more to your Casino at bet365 account and enter the offer code for your favourite game; then wager a minimum of £200 on your chosen game to get the Free Spins. You can be blown away by an All Systems Go Re-spin feature in Iron Man 3, get caught in a web of action in Spider-Man, fight danger with The Avengers and get your extendable claws into the almighty Wolverine. These are just four of Casino at bet365’s superb Slot Games. Remember you can enjoy this offer on all four games every day that Marvel Free Spins Frenzy takes place: just complete the two steps on each title to collect 100 Free Spins in total, courtesy of Casino at bet365.

About bet365

bet365 is one of the world’s largest online gambling groups with over 10 million customers worldwide. bet365 offers a Casino experience that’s unrivalled. The Group employs over 2,000 people and is one of the UK’s largest private companies. At the iGaming Business Affiliate Awards 2013, bet365 won Best Overall Affiliate Programme for the fourth year running and secured the title of Best Overall Affiliate Manager, following on from similar success at both the 2011 and 2012 ceremonies. In the eGaming Review’s Annual Power 50 for 2013, bet365 secured top spot for the fourth year running.


bet365bingo’s cracking Christmas events are bursting with prizes

bet365 Bingoheads are walking in a £250,000 Winner Wonderland this month. Join them and play in any of bet365’s exciting Bingo rooms or on their fantastic Slots to earn prize draw tickets for this exclusive event. The draws take place every four days until 26th December. Prizes on offer at bet365bingo include many of this year’s most desirable gadgets – like iPad, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Kindle Fire and MacBook Pro – in addition to a £5,000 family holiday and much more. Play in certain rooms – and on specially selected slots – to earn tickets twice as fast. Sleigh ride over to bet365bingo today; there’s a flurry of prizes just waiting to be won. That’s not all as you can also have a cracking time by jumping on bet365bingo’s £250,000 Christmas Escalator Jackpots. There's at least £10,000 to win in the Guilty Pleasures room every day until 24th December. Win a game by a certain ball count at bet365bingo to pick up at least £5,000, while everyone else with a ticket for the winning game shares another fantastic £5,000. The ball count rises by two every hour until the bet365bingo’s last game at 23:54 UK Time when, if the jackpot still hasn't dropped, it's guaranteed to go to the Bingohead who calls Full House. With over £500,000 up for grabs in total, 'tis the season to go for a jolly good win at bet365bingo.

About bet365

bet365 is one of the world’s largest online gambling groups with over 10 million customers worldwide. bet365 offers a Bingo experience that’s unrivalled. The Group employs over 2,000 people and is one of the UK’s largest private companies. At the iGaming Business Affiliate Awards 2013, bet365 won Best Overall Affiliate Programme for the fourth year running and secured the title of Best Overall Affiliate Manager, following on from similar success at both the 2011 and 2012 ceremonies. In the eGaming Review’s Annual Power 50 for 2013, bet365 secured top spot for the fourth year running.


Celebrate with superb prizes in Poker at bet365’s Premium Christmas Present

Play day after day on the Poker at bet365 tables for your best chance to win great prizes like a Samsung 3D TV, PlayStation 4 or even a holiday worth $5,000. Premium Christmas Present offers all this and more. There are 1,000 superb prizes to be won in the $50,000 Grand Prize Draw which takes place at the end of Premium Christmas Present. Just complete your daily challenge on the Poker at bet365 tables to get prize draw tickets and give yourself the opportunity to win. You can take part by playing all types of poker; so whether you prefer cash games, Sit & Gos or Scheduled tournaments, you’re in a position to win with Poker at bet365. It’s twice as easy to complete your daily challenge when you play on the exclusive Premium Tables and, most importantly, you can get more and bigger prizes when you continue to play day after day. The $50,000 Grand Prize Draw is just one part of Poker at bet365’s Premium Christmas Present, with much more on offer. To ensure you get the benefits of this great festive event, remember to opt in. Log in to the Poker at bet365 lobby now to discover today’s challenge and the reward that awaits you.

About bet365

bet365 is one of the world’s largest online gambling groups with over 10 million customers worldwide. bet365 offers a Poker experience that’s unrivalled. The Group employs over 2,000 people and is one of the UK’s largest private companies. At the iGaming Business Affiliate Awards 2013, bet365 won Best Overall Affiliate Programme for the fourth year running and secured the title of Best Overall Affiliate Manager, following on from similar success at both the 2011 and 2012 ceremonies. In the eGaming Review’s Annual Power 50 for 2013, bet365 secured top spot for the fourth year running.

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JackpotCity Online Casino

There's no wonder why gamblers choose to play at JackpotCity Online Casino. Thanks to its selection of more than four hundred beloved online casino games, an amazing bonus worth $500 - completely FREE! - just for signing up with the site, and its reputation for the greatest jackpots and stellar software graphics, JackpotCity is a favourite destination for discerning gamblers worldwide.

Claim your FREE Welcome Bonus worth $500 now by downloading JackpotCity's totally free online casino software today.


Enjoy Top Gambling Action Right at Home with JackpotCity Casino Looking for a way to experience the excitement and thrills of Las Vegas without having to get on a plane? JackpotCity Casino provides gamblers with the excitement they crave without the travel. If slots are what make a casino fun for you, check out the assortment of over three hundred online slots games and you'll see why everyone is having such a great time. From online video slots games like Thunderstruck, classic slots games like Pharaoh's Fortune, or even the latest video slots games such as Hitman or Tombraider, JackpotCity truly has it all right at your fingertips.


Moreover, you may enjoy the classic table games you love at this online casino as well. You'll find a collection of online roulette and online blackjack games, as well as online baccarat and even online craps, all there for the taking at JackpotCity Casino.

If you feel that luck is on your side, take a spin with roulette or enjoy a game of our Vegas-style Blackjack today! If competition is what you're seeking, indulge in a multiplayer slots tournament. If FREE competition sounds even better, take advantage of the completely free online slots tournaments on offer and see if you can be a winner without having to spend a thing. For a new tournament experience, try out a multiplayer blackjack tournament next. The perfect way to brush up your skills or test out a new strategy, our blackjack tournaments will help you improve your game today!

JackpotCity, a trustworthy and absolutely legal casino For an online gambling experience that players trust, JackpotCity Online Casino delivers. Security is ensured by two main factors: first, JackpotCity is registered with the government in Malta, which means players experience a legitimate, regulated, licensed environment. Second, JackpotCity Online Casino is backed by the prestigious Microgaming Software, meaning that players know they're getting the best. If you're ready to get started or want to learn a bit more about all that the JackpotCity Online Casino world has to offer, head over to the online casino site to get into the game!

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Affiliate Edge is a very good affiliate program.

Formerly known as CWC Affiliates, Affiliate Edge delivers the most trusted, award winning advanced casino affiliate program online. Don’t settle for a second rate affiliate program, Affiliate Edge offers you 9 premier brands, multi-lingual casino and the choice to play in $ (USD), £ (GBP), Rand (ZAR) and € (Euros). Earn up to 40% revenue share on the life time of your players! Make the right choice and signup today.

Affiliate Edge Commission

As a partner of Affiliate Edge, you are appreciated and rewarded well for the work that you do. You can turn your traffic into BIG commission payments each month, earning up to 40% revenue share for the lifetime of your players at their casinos. Even better you earn commissions per casino (un-bundled). Signup now and receive a commissions boost of 50% revenue share for your first two months, this offer is open to new affiliates only. Following your introductory rate of 50% your commissions structure rewards you up to a massive 40% revenue share based on the following...


Net Win                                You share

0-29,999 $                              30%

30,000-49,999$                     35%

50,000$                                   40%


Further ways to earn...


Affiliate Edge offers you more chances to earn with their affiliate referral program (2nd Tier Earnings). Promote their casino affiliate program or sign your affiliate buddies up and you can earn a further 5% of your referred affiliate’s commissions. You can also see the full breakdown of these stats in your reports. Fast Payments... They pride themselves on being one of the fastest paying casino affiliate programs online today, their payment run starts on the first of every month and they offer a variety of payment options. Choose from... Wire Transfer Check (Cheque) ECOcard Neteller Moneybookers ACH Alternatively, they can pay directly into your player account at any of our online casinos.

Do not wait, come to Affiliate Edge!

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casino action

The best Casino Online - Play at Casino Action Today with $1250 Free!

Casino Action is one of the latest prestigious European casinos online to be added to the well-established Casino Rewards group. Their goal is to provide players with the most entertaining and secure gambling experience available anywhere on the Internet so you can play online casino games and reap the benefits.

Sign up Bonus

Casino Action currently offers one of the biggest sign up bonuses on the Internet today. Within minutes of registering for free at Casino Action, you'll be paid $1250 which you can use to play a selection of the Internet's finest online casino games. By using only the casino's money for your first hour, you'll be able to play whatever game you want absolutely risk free. Bet high, bet low - it really doesn't matter since you'll be using our money! One thing's for sure though - whatever you win will be yours to keep and use in the main casino, to try and hit those enormous jackpots.

Huge Jackpots Aim for the jackpots from the comfort of your own living room, with a safe, secure and totally immersive online casino environment at one of the best casinos online. Casino Action showcases 16 enormous progressive jackpots with a combined kitty which often exceeds $5 million! Popular titles such as Mega Moolah even include a guarantee that its main jackpot will never fall below $1 million. Each of the other 400+ online casino games feature their own generous payout structures, with bonus games and free spins which can help multiply the winning amount.

Safe & Secure Using industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption, all software used by Casino Action is secure, protected and 100% virus free. As assured by independent industry watchdog eCogra, Casino Action has been awarded a Safe & Secure seal of approval. This level of security allows you to enjoy playing casino games, safe in the knowledge that your personal information is confidential and protected.

Casino Games

Casino Action features 480 state-of-the-art Las Vegas style online casino games with slick features and enormous jackpots. There's something for everyone, with wide betting ranges to suit every pocket and chances to win whatever the outlay. Millionaires have been made with bets as low as 50 cents! All the games at Casino Action are produced by Microgaming, the world's largest provider of online gaming software, and feature stunning graphics, immersive sound and most importantly very attractive jackpots!

Viper Steps

24hr Support At Casino Action, they value  their  players and place a great importance on customer service. Their multilingual support team are available 24/7, 365 days of the year via toll free telephone, email or even by  intuitive chat feature. This will ensure your experience with us is as smooth and trouble-free as possible. International

Don't want to play in English? Casino Action is available in 11 languages! Why not try their Swedish Casino Action brand?

Casino Rewards By signing up for free to Casino Action, you'll also be made a member of the Internet's number one online casino loyalty program, Casino Rewards. There are over 30 popular online casinos in the Casino Rewards network, and you are welcome to join any of them. Game play on any of the online casinos in the Casino Rewards network will be rewarded with VIP points, which accumulate in one central Casino Rewards account. Casino Rewards was established in 1999 and since then has gained a very well respected name in the online gambling community for its professionalism, high quality of games and high payout rates.

casino action

VIP support

Should your play at Casino Action reach a certain level, you can even become a VIP, and be assigned your own personal VIP host who will be available to you around the clock. Casino Action VIPs love the opportunity to be able to speak to their hosts on the phone at any moment, whether to ask for advice, some hot insider casino games tips or just for a chat!

So download the free Casino Action online casino software today and take advantage of $1250 free to use on some of the most exciting online blackjack, slot, roulette and poker games ever!

casino action

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Welcome to Lotus Affiliates where "They Share the Jackpot" transparently with this Casino Affiliate Partners for life! Turn your web traffic into Real Money by promoting Online Casinos.

Lotus Affiliates Online Casino brands are licensed, regulated and are widely recognized globally. As a genuine affiliate you will get most generous Affiliate Commissions on sending quality gaming traffic. The players that you send can immerse themselves in latest HD games while soaking up generous Welcome Bonuses, Hot Promotions, Free Spins, Competitions and Tournaments powered by Lotus Players Club.


Trust is extremely important in any partnership. At Lotus Affiliates they are insane about building it. They do not propagate unviable revenue share arrangements or CPA arrangements. They focus on ensuring that what you send you ALWAYS get paid for those revenues for life regardless of the online casino your players may choose to play now or with future launches. Their superior tracking will also ensure that you never miss your website traffic tagging.

For large affiliates with demonstrated three months of performance in the highest commission tier, they can further provide "pixel tracking" to ensure completely "fail proof tracking" for any browser or operating system. The First Time Depositors (FTDs) that you send to Lotus  Brands is yours for life... PERIOD. All revenues from your FTDs are shared transparently with you. They really share the Jackpot. SIGNUP NOW AND START EARNING IMMEDIATELY!

Lotus Affiliates Brands


  Let your visitors discover the unimaginable riches and thrills, a place where their dreams can come true, the world of enchantment and wealth, the world of better odds and safer wins… the world of Lotus Asia Casino!  





Raise Your Game by experiencing exhilarating high limit online casino gaming. Welcome to the world of fabulous wins, quick payouts, secure gaming and spectacular online casino games. It's time to hear the jingle of coins and feel the power of gold at Black Lotus Casino.





Now play your favorite casino games on your smart phone. Let your visitors discover the unimaginable riches and thrills. Welcome to the world of fabulous wins, quick payouts, secure gaming and spectacular online mobile casino games.




  Lotus Players Club is a state of the art online casino loyalty program that has been facilitating the best rewards and offers to its players since 2010. It has earned many accolades and is trusted by more than million players from 200 different countries.


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The CosmikCasino

Among having a good time and finding that website is worth your long-term committal, knowing that the online slots website you use is safe and secure is even more important. One of the online slots websites renowned for its successful style as well as safety is CosmikCasino. Built with safety and usability in mind, it is a breath of fresh air in an online niche that has become quite stifled in recent times.


One of the reasons for the success of CosmikCasino as a breakout online slots website is the variety and quality of the games on display. For example, True Illusion offers a fantasy environment which is fun to be involved with and adds a whole new take on the online slots genre.


As well as this, the traditional style of slots gaming is well and truly alive in the form of Cash Machine. Cash Machine provides an enjoyable throwback to a time when slots were only available in the casino’s in town. Now, you can have that same thrill, but from the comfort of your computer. Fashion Slots is one of the games with the highest jackpot, and with its luxurious setting it is a hit with many users of CosmikCasino.


With a jackpot pay-out of up to 25,000€, it is a huge opportunity for anybody who can do battle with one of the most robust of the 50-plus online slots games available at CosmikCasino. Software Knowing that you are using bug-free and fluid gaming software when playing online slots is important – nothing is worse than the application crashing or the game bugging out on you, just as you are about to clean house.

Thankfully, CosmikCasino enlisted the help of the ever-reliable Gamescale and BetSoft. Both massive names in the online slots industry, they provide a brand new swing on the genre. With outstandingly designed themes and settings, the fluid gameplay and interesting side-games which can lead to huge bonuses play a massive part in creating the fantastic atmosphere that surrounds CosmikCasino as an online slots website.


Payment Methods

Payment methods used on CosmikCasino are rightly very open and wide – however, they insist on using the safest methods possible. Although they take major credit cards, they also use online payment schemes like uKash, NETeller, PaySafeCard and Skrill. They are all easy to use and the process is simple for depositing money into your account.

The entire experience at CosmikCasino is one of the most refreshing on the online slots scene. With easy to contact user support and a wide variety of information on their website, it is good to see a creative design and user-friendly process being put so affirmatively into action with CosmikCasino. Cosmik Casino Cosmik Casino is a top choice for players looking for action, entertainment and the most refined selection of games. The games offer of this casino goes from the electrifying games provided by Gamescale gaming software to the astonishing 3D casino games from the leader in 3D games, BetSoft Gaming. This wide offer is ever broadened with engaging exciting games.


Cosmik has just added new micro bet games for players loving small bets. This new acquisition includes Burning Cherry Micro, Mad Scientist, Paco and the Popping, Cash Machine Micro, Dark Harbor Micro, Magic Forest Micro, Olympia Slots Micro Black Jack Micro and Micro Roulette. The bonus offer is also matchless and it includes a giant welcome package, fabulous ongoing promotions and loyalty rewards. The welcome package for new players involves deposit bonuses of 150% bonus on the first deposit, 50% on the second deposit, 50% on third deposit, 100% on fourth deposit and 150% on fifth deposit, reaching a total amount of €5,555 in bonuses. Promotions are renovated frequently in order to make sure returning players will always have some special benefit.


The payment methods offered at the cashier are many and various and besides credit-debit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets, the conventional international methods, specific local methods are also usable. Some of them, Ukash, Neteller, Skrill, PostePay, Giropay and Sofort offer an extra 15% bonus on deposits. Transactions and all sensitive information are secured thru 128-bit SSL encryption and the last firewall technology to ensure the highest level of data protection. Customer service team is noteworthy, support agents are perfectly trained to deliver excellence, to handle any issue efficiently and to treat customers with the highest service standards. Different languages are available and the support team is ready to assist 24/7.


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Gaming Club Casino has undergone amazing magical transformation!

Online Casino Games

Online Casino Games are the heart of any respected casino and at Gaming Club Online Casino they offer to their players only the best in gaming entertainment. Try your hand at slots, table games or even a round of video poker. The choice is always yours with our Microgaming backed casino games software. Play your favourite Online Slots Games at Gaming Club Online Casino! Or even hit the big time with  massive progressive jackpot slots games.

Online Slots Playing Tips and Strategies


Online slots games are easy to play and offer some of the most exciting forms of online casino entertainment. However it must be remembered that online slots (and there offline equivalents) are games of chance and even though certain guidelines can be followed to maximise game play winning in most cases is down to lady luck. However, there are a few online slots tips and strategies that can be followed to not only maximise game time (the longer a player plays the more chance they have of winning), but to also ensure the best payouts.

These online slots tips and strategies are:

-Decide beforehand how much you can afford to play with and stick to that amount. Never, ever chase your losses if you don’t win!

-When playing progressive online slots machines players must always play the maximum bet. This will ensure a maximum payout on a jackpot win!

-When playing a non progressive online slots game players should start playing with the lowest bet. This allows for longer game time and offers players more chances of winning.



Gaming Club's types of Online Slots Games

Online slots games are some of the most vibrant and popular games available at Gaming Club Online Casino and are the modern online equivalent of the first slot machines designed by Charles Fey way back in 1895. Since the introduction of online slots games in the 1990’s the genre has grown from strength to strength and now offers a whole range of online slots games – namely classic online slots (reel slots), online video slots, online megaspin slots, online fruit slots (pub fruities) and progressive slots



These are all the different types of online slots games:

Online Video Slots

This is a slot machine with a video screen on which the reels and other elements are simulated with graphics and animation. This is one of the most common forms of online slots games and offer players a great opportunity to enjoy top end graphics and cutting edge online casino game play.  


Online Classic or Reel Slots

A classic or reel online slot machine is an online casino game with three or more reels that spin when a button is pushed. A simulated coin slot is often seen on many of these games.


Online MegaSpin Slots

Play on multiple online slot machines at any one time for even more excitement and bigger wins.


Online Fruit Slots

You don’t need to go for a pint of lager to enjoy these slot machines! Based on the famous English "Pub Fruities", these online slots games offer all the British wit and charm combined with the Gaming Club’s winning excitement.

Come and enjoy these amazing casino:

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10 Mistakes  at Poker

You ask yourself : "Why am I losing money?" Of course you can do many things  to help Lady Luck along and here you can see the most Poker Mistakes:

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You just need to avoid these mistakes and your game (and account balance!) should improve fast and noticeably!

1. Playing too many hands. Do not play to many hands! Poker isn't about the hands you play, it's about the hands you fold. You should be playing no more then 1 hand in 3 (1 in 4 if you are playing tight!) over any reasonable length of time. Check your stats after a decent session and see if you are playing too many hands preflop.


2. Calling too often. One sign of a weak player is someone who checks and then calls repeatedly. More often you should be raising or folding.


3. Playing at the wrong stakes. You should comfortably be able to bring 50-100 times the big blind to the table. Hence if 100 dollars is a reasonable stake for you, you should be playing the 50c/$1 or $1/$2 cash tables.


4. Chasing unlikely draws. It is almost never right to chase an inside straight draw or a 3-card flush draw (i.e.: where you require the turn and the river to be of your suit). The odds on these are very high (roughly one in twenty five for the flush draw and one in seven for the inside straight draw).




5. Playing Big-and-Small. A6 is a terrible hand. Repeat this to yourself 10 times before firing up the software. The sooner you eliminate hands like K4, A6, Q7 from your play list the better. They are NEVER going to win you big pots, but over-played they will cost you a small fortune. In a 9 player table, it's all about the kicker.


6. Not betting draws. No player in the world is going to fold to a check. You have to give them a reason to fold. This isn't the same as bluffing, this is called "folding equity" and it is an important concept to grasp. Suppose you have 4 to a flush on the flop. You really have nothing but 1 time in 3 you will hit your flush by the end of the hand. If you bet you might find you win the hand there and then. If not you still have a one in three shot and now you will win a bigger pot. it's important to weight your bets correctly but anywhere from half the pot to all of the pot would be a reasonable bet in general.


7. Playing on a short time frame. You should plan your sessions carefully, far too many players sit down at a cash game with too little stake and too little time. This is a recipe for disaster. If you know you only have 30 minutes you will play more hands and push bad situations more simply because you want action before you head out. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend that 30 minutes correctly folding a cold wave of bad hands. Make sure when you sit down to play you don't put yourself under time pressure.


8. Playing without limit's. You should set a time limit and a cash limit for getting out of the game. So, for example you should say "I'm going to play for no less then 2 hours and no more then 4, cash permitting. I'll leave if I turn my stake of 100 into 300 or if I lose 200." Then stick to them. You can vary the numbers in that example to suit yourself but you should have *some* form of structure to your session.


9. Playing with scared money. "Scared Money" is money you can't afford to lose. You should never ever play like that as it will drastically affect your play whether you know it or not. If you are afraid to lose you will NEVER win.


10. Letting a sucker keep his money. That's a cardinal sin!

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